How to protect your organisation from 99% of attacks:

Enable multifactor authentication (MFA)

With MFA enabled, you can prevent 99.9% of attacks on your account.

Apply Zero Trust principles

Zero Trust is the cornerstone of any resillience plan limiting the impact on an organisation.

Enable multifactor authentication (MFA)

Use extended detection and response anti-malware.

Keep systems up to date

Ensure all systems are kept up to date including firmware, the operating system and applications.

Protect data

Know your important data, where it is located and whether the right systems are implemented.

It only takes seconds for them to take EVERYTHING.

Pause, update, secure! It’s time for a cyber checkup. Stengthen your defenses, stay informed, and make cybersecurity a non-negotiable part of your digital routine.

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Here are some tips to keep your identity safe:

Double check what you post online and make sure you want it to be permanent.

Educate yourself about internet and computer privacy options.

Be cautious when publishing personal information on social media sites.

Anyone can seem legitimate. Do your research with your transactions.

Make your passwords easy for yourself to remember, but difficult for others to figure it out.

You are as strong as your weakest link, are you aware of the current state of your organisations security posture?

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